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Non-US Based Economists

Name Institution/Company Title/Occupation
Bernd Raffelhueschen Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg and University of Bergen Professor of Economics
Charles A. E. Goodhart London School of Economics Professor of Economics (Emeritus)
Giovanni Callegari European Central Bank Economist
E Bradley Private None
Bart Taub University of Glasgow Professor of Finance
James Krekow Claims Expeditor, LLC Officier
Riccardo Fiorito University of Siena Professor of Economics
yuri yulaev concervative Project Manager
Staffan Wennberg Media&Trading AB Media consultant/economist
Evan Cooper Publishing executive Director of Custom Content
sylvia ma private investor
Wayne Langstraat concerned citizen none
Sebastian Calabro US Citizen Taxpayer
Michael Obley Citizen of the United States Taxpayer
Martin Vestergaard Trader
Maria Kazakova Gaidar Institute PhD, Head of Department
Vincent TOUZE Sciences Po Economist
Donald Eric Remensperger Independent Attorney
Panagiotis Evangelopoulos University of Peloponnese, Department of Economics Assistant Professor
Richard W. Jones, Jr. Monsanto Lead Research Scientist
John M Mix Independent Mr.
Jeb Loveless Burford & Ryburn, L.L.P. Partner
Susie Marshall Retired Retired
Lasse Wagene Supporter CEO
Thomas Jenkins none none
Matthew Cluver Discovery Communications Systems Automation & Integration Engineer
Jonathan Korzekwa Financial Advisor Investment Representative
Michael Bull Get Smart Financial Services Accountant / Finance Broker
Brian Richmond Country Life LLC Chief Operating Officer
Thomas Young U.S. Citizen Mr.
Jimmac Lofon New West Capital Advisor
Lewis Brown America concerned citizen
John Weber Newedge Broker
Alexander Parkhurst Libertarian Harvard MBA
Vincent Crawford University of Oxford and University of California, San Diego Drummond Professor of Political Economy
Barbara Eshleman U S Citizen Home Economist
Christian Hagist Freiburg University, Germany Senior Lecturer in Economics
James B. Ramsey NYU Prof
Don R. Leet California State University, Fresno Professor Emeritus of Economics
Eduardo Zambrano California Polytechnic State University Associate Professor of Economics
Zohre Hosseini Amin economics M.A Student of Economics
Matthew Zipkin US citizen US citizen
William Marino W V Marino CPA Director
robert stewart none Mr
James retired Former VP Metlife
Greg Austrian Economics Advocate Healthcarere professional
Bob Cash Group 912 Retired
Todd Britton No party affiliation or institutional affiliation Concerned Citizen
daniel mceuen none ph.d. Clinical Pathology
Elizabeth L Schreiner Concerned Citizen Taxpayer
Velizar Ivanov Bulgaria Bachelor of Economics
Asim Businessmen Mr.
Keith Padgett Affected Citizen Everyday Citizen
george c shinopoulos democrat retired
Hank Letarte White Gates Farm Professor of economics/ farmer
Святослав Мартынов Экономист Профессор экономики
Robert W. Rivers Citizen Mr.
alan bryson Swimming Pool Contractor
Renu Carroll Independent M.Ed.
David Russell Citizen Mr.
Ivan Williams US Navy LT
David K Grant, Ph.D Arizona Assistive Technology Disability services provider
David K Grant, Ph.D Arizona Assistive Technology Disability services provider
Brian Heaney Entrepreneur CEO
Stewart Block Investor Engineer
Jan Libich La Trobe University Dr
Stephan Stegmayer Hochschule für Ökonomie und Management Dipl. sc. Pol; Dipl. Volkswirt
Patrick Redetzke Libertarian Sales
Roberto Violi Bank of Italy Director